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Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeopathy? What are homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses diluted substances to relieve symptoms. The active ingredients in homeopathic medicines include diluted plants, animals or minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength (e.g., a micro dose of coffee bean helps to relieve nervousness).
Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 200 years. They are manufactured in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) and drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Today, homeopathic medicines are used by millions of patients and recommended by health care professionals around the world to relieve many acute health conditions such as allergies, coughs, colds, flu, stress, muscle pain and teething.

Is there any scientific research on homeopathy?

An increasing number of scientific studies on homeopathic medicines are being conducted and published in peer-review journals. Clinical research is providing evidence of the efficacy of homeopathic medicines, and basic laboratory research is confirming the biological activity of highly diluted substances and helping the scientific community better understand their mechanism of action.

Where do I buy Boiron medicines?

To locate a retailer that sells Boiron medicines, please visit our online store finder at https://www.boironusa.com/wheretobuy/. Using your zip code, you can search for retailers near you that sell one or more of our popular products (Arnicare, Camilia, Chestal, Coldcalm and Oscillococcinum). For all other Boiron medicines, including Blue Tubes, use your zip code and search for independent retailers that carry the “Full Boiron Product Line.” There are also lists of chain stores, online retailers and mail order pharmacies available online. You may also contact the Boiron Information Center at 1-800-264-7661.

Do homeopathic medicines have any side effects?

Homeopathic medicines above 4C have a low risk of side effects and no contraindications. They can be safely taken with other conventional medications and are sometimes recommended
to complement other treatments.

Do homeopathic medicines interact with other medications?

Homeopathic medicines above 4C have a low risk of side effects and no contraindications. They can be safely taken with other conventional medications and are sometimes recommended to complement other treatments.

Can I take a homeopathic medicine while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask your health care professional before taking any medicine, including Boiron homeopathic medicines. If your health care professional needs more information on our medicines, he/she can contact us at 1.800.BOIRON.1.

I take my Boiron medicine with or without food? How long before/after eating can I take the medicine? Do I need to avoid mint/coffee/alcohol/toothpaste while taking the medicine?

The most efficient route of administration for oral homeopathic medicines is sublingual absorption (under the tongue). To allow for better absorption, homeopathic medicines should be taken in a mouth free of strong flavors or anything that may coat the mouth. We recommend taking the medicine 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth (unless otherwise indicated on the box). Whatever food particles or flavors remaining in your mouth may interfere with or delay absorption. However, there is no reason for food consumption to be staggered or withheld due to digestive interaction. Since the absorption takes place through the mucous membrane coating on the inside of the mouth, food in the stomach has no influence.

Should I not touch homeopathic pellets/tablets with my fingers or hands?

Boiron recommends touching the pellets/tablets as little as possible with your fingers or hands. Introducing any moisture to the pellets/tablets will begin the dispensing of the medicine, and any oils on your skin may coat the pellets/tablets and hinder absorption once the medicine is in your mouth.

Can I use a homeopathic medicine past its expiration date?

No, we do not recommend taking a Boiron medicine past its expiration date.

Can I overdose on a homeopathic medicine?

Given the small amounts of highly diluted active ingredients, you will not suffer a drug overdose from ingesting an amount of homeopathic medicine larger than the recommended dosage. In dilutions above 4C or 8X, the toxic properties of the original substance have disappeared; the medicine is safe and sold over-the-counter (OTC).

How are homeopathic medicines presented?

Homeopathic medicines are presented with very clear and specific indications and directions for use. They are available either as single medicines (only one active ingredient) or as branded medicines (most with multiple active ingredients). The branded medicines are available in a variety of dosage forms such as tablets, gels, ointments, creams, syrups, eye drops, and suppositories. If you are not yet familiar with homeopathic medicines, the branded products make selecting a medicine and treating symptoms very easy, so new users can discover their benefits.

When should I choose a single medicine?

In some instances, your symptoms are so specific that it is easy to select one single medicine. Packaged in Boiron’s patented multi-dose Blue Tubes, over 80 of the most commonly used single medicines are available in health food and natural product stores. Boiron carries a total of 800 single medicines in different dilutions, which can be special ordered through these stores.

Many self-medication books are available to help you in your single medicine selection, including Homeopathic Solutions Made Easy. You can also use the Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Finder. Find it online, or download the app for your smart phone or tablet.

What is a homeopathic dilution?

A homeopathic medicine is obtained from a precise and controlled process of successive homeopathic dilutions. With each homeopathic dilution, the medicine is deconcentrated and then vigorously shaken (also called “succussion”). This process transforms the original solution into a therapeutically active medicine.
Homeopathic Dilution Chart

What is the difference in dilution levels?

Most single homeopathic medicines are available in several dilutions. The letter indicates which dilution process was chosen, while the number indicates how many times that dilution process was used, and consequently, which symptoms the medicine is meant to treat. Here’s a quick guide to using homeopathic medicines: Low dilutions, such as 6X or 6C, will relieve local symptoms—a symptom you can point a finger at (i.e., an insect bite or bruise). Medium dilutions, such as 12X, 9C or 12C, will relieve general symptoms—more than one symptom in more than one location (i.e., muscle aches and pains). High dilutions, such as 30X or 30C, will relieve general symptoms—more than one symptom in more than one location with possible behavioral or emotional symptoms (i.e., a very high fever and chills, accompanied by agitation or sleeplessness). If a person has the right medicine, no matter what the dilution, he will see a lessening of symptoms. For most medicines, choosing the right dilution is merely fine tuning. It may be helpful for you to use the Boiron Medicine Finder to decide which medicines/dilutions are best to relieve your symptoms.

What is the typical dosage for a Boiron single medicine (also known as a Blue Tube)?

Boiron’s standard dosage for any single medicine is five (5) pellets dissolved under the tongue, three (3) times a day. If after three days you show no improvement, we recommend consulting your health care professional. If your symptoms improve and you would like to take the medicine for a longer period of time, please consult your health care professional. If you have been given alternate dosage instructions by your health care professional, follow those instructions, as they have been developed specifically for your individual treatment.

How do I dispense the pellets from the multi-dose tube (also known as a Blue Tube)?

To dispense the pellets from the multi-dose tube, first remove the paper safety seal. Then, leaving the cap on, turn the tube upside down and twist the cap. As you twist, the pellets will fall into the cap. Continue twisting until the required number of pellets is in the cap. Slide the cap off the tube, and pour the pellets under your tongue.
How to Use Blue Tubes

My Blue Tube does not list the symptom I am experiencing. Am I taking the right medicine?

The same single medicine may be useful for several different conditions. For example, Gelsemium 30C can be indicated for stress or fever and Sepia 6C can be indicated for lower back pain during menstruation or hot flashes.* Among the several indications from the Materia Medica, Boiron selects the ones that are suitable for self-medication of acute, self-limiting conditions. Due to the small size of the container, we print the most common indication for each medicine on the label. Therefore, the condition for which your doctor prescribed the medicine may not be listed on the tube.