Stay strong against allergies all year long with non-drowsy relief for indoor, outdoor, and seasonal symptoms.

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    SinusCalm™ Tablets

    “Formerly Sinusalia” Unlike conventional medications that mask full-blown symptoms, Boiron SinusCalm tablets are specifically designed to relieve nasal...

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    Optique 1® Eye Drops

    Boiron Optique Eye Drops relieve minor eye irritations due to allergies and airborne irritants, such as dust, ragweed, and...

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    Apis mellifica

    About Apis mellifica: Product Category: First Aid Indications: Swelling from insect stings or allergies improved by cold* Directions:...

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    Histaminum 30C Bonus Packs

    Boiron Histaminum pellets relieve symptoms of allergic conditions, including hay fever symptoms and hives.* A homeopathic medicine, Histaminum...

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    RhinAllergy® Tablets

    RhinAllergy® Tablets are easy to take at the first sign of allergies to relieve itchy, watery, burning and...

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    SinusCalm™ Pellets

    Unlike conventional medications that mask full-blown symptoms, Boiron SinusCalm pellets are specifically designed to relieve nasal congestion, sinus...

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    Hydrastis canadensis

    About Hydrastis canadensis: Product Category: Cold & flu Indications: Postnasal drip* Directions: Adults & children: At the onset...

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    Natrum muriaticum

    About Natrum muriaticum: Product Category: Allergy Indications: Runny nose due to allergies, worse in morning* Directions: Adults &...

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    Ambrosia Ragweed Allergy Relief Single Pack

    Boiron Ambrosia pellets specifically target seasonal ragweed allergy symptoms such as itchy throat and nose, sneezing, runny nose,...

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    Allium cepa

    About Allium Cepa: Product Category: Cold and Flu Indications: Runny nose with clear discharge* Directions: Adults & children:...

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    Histaminum hydrochloricum

    About Histaminum hydrochloricum: Product Category: Allergy Indications: Allergies* Directions: Adults & children: At the onset of symptms, dissolve...

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    Euphrasia officinalis

    About Euphrasia officinalis: Product Category: Allergy Indications: Abundant and irritating eye discharge* Directions: Adults & children: At the...

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