Boiron Honored with Three Vity Awards

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Revised on July 22nd, 2022

Boiron’s natural flu medicine, Oscillococcinum, and its Arnicare pain-relieving products have been selected as winners of Vitamin Retailer magazine’s 2012 Vity Awards!

Based on a nationwide survey of health food retailers conducted by Vitamin Retailer magazine, the Vity Awards honor the natural products industry’s best selling products in nearly 50 categories. In the Specialty & Herbal Supplement category, Arnicare was named “Best Homeopathic Remedy;” in the Natural Medicine category, Oscillococcinum was named “Best Natural Cold/Flu Remedy;” and in the Supplier Merchandising Support category, our Oscillo/Vitamin Angels counter display tied for “Best Product Packaging Display.”

Click here to see the complete list of winners in Vitamin Retailer’s June 2012 issue.

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