What's the Buzz About Coffea Cruda?


There’s no better start to the day than a fresh, hot cup of coffee to jolt you awake. Surprisingly enough, if you’re having trouble sleeping, coffee can come in handy, too. We’re talking about Coffea cruda, a homeopathic medicine made from the coffee bean.

Homeopathy is based on the premise that “like cures like.” Under this principle, a person experiencing certain symptoms can be treated by small doses of a substance capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person. In other words, too much coffee can make you jittery, but a microdose of the coffee bean can help relieve nervousness. If you’ve ever had trouble turning your brain off at night, read on to learn more about this healthy sleep aid.

From Ancient Discovery to Modern Necessity

The exact origin of coffee is unknown. According to popular legend, an Ethiopian goat herder discovered its energizing effect on his animals who did not want to sleep after eating berries from a particular tree. Together with local monks, he developed drink from those berries, which kept them awake through long hours of prayer, thanks to what we now know is caffeine. Knowledge of this discovery soon spread to Europe and the rest of the world.

Today, Ethiopia and other parts of Africa remain famous for growing coffee, but the plants are now cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and other tropical regions as well. Ever since that first sip in the 11th century, coffee has become a beloved beverage, and more than 2 billion cups are enjoyed every day around the globe.

Overcoming an Overactive Mind

Coffee cruda, made from unroasted green coffee beans, is a popular medicine for mental hyperactivity. Use 5 pellets of Coffea cruda 30C at bedtime and repeat every hour if needed to relieve sleeplessness with worries and overactive thoughts.* It’s also helpful for headaches with sleeplessness and sensitivity to noise, light, and contact.* Depending on the severity of the headache, 5 pellets can be taken two to four times throughout the day or night. Additionally, the 30C dilution can ease tooth pain triggered by hot drinks.* Take 5 pellets every hour until pain improves.

Want to learn more about the homeopathic uses of Boiron Coffea cruda? Watch this video featuring pharmacist Gary Kracoff, NMD, RPh.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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Comments (25)

Marianne davissays:

Can coffee kruder take away the pain from neuropathy

Kelly Olsen-Stankosays:

Hi Marianne, Coffea cruda can help with hypersensitivity to pain, especially headaches and toothaches. However, Hypericum perforatum is a main medicine specifically for sharp and shooting nerve pain. You can also download our free Boiron Medicine Finder app to learn about all the pain relief options we offer.

Phyllis Elliottsays:

I left a message early today yet have not received a returned call.

I want some info about coffea cruda.

thank you phyllis


Hi Phyllis, a member of our customer service team has reached out and left you a voicemail. Please call us again if you have any more questions. Please note our office is closed on Dec. 31 and Jan 1. for the New Year’s holiday, thank you!


Which is the strongest, most potent, form of
Coffea cruda….the 6c, the 30c, or the 200ck
strength ?

What’s the difference among these 3
strengths ?

Thank you.


Hello Donna, we get this quesion a lot! Unlike conventional medicines, the numbers you see on homeopathic medicine don’t correspond to potency or strength. Instead, they indicate the amount of dilution. You can learn more about the dilution process at and if you’re trying to find out which dilution to take for a specific condition, our free Medicine Finder app can help. If you’re looking to relieve sleeplessness with mental hyperactivity, Coffea cruda 30C is the appropriate dilution to take. Hope this helps!

Geanette Ceballossays:

What is the difference between 30C, and 200C? Is one stronger?
Thank you.


Hi Geanette, unlike conventional medicines, the numbers don’t indicate how strong or potent homeopathic medicines are. For most of our products, choosing the right dilution is merely fine tuning. The general rule of thumb is low numbers like 6 or 12 indicate a low dilution, which is best used for local symptoms you can point to, like a sore throat or a bruise. Higher numbers (30 or 200) signify a higher dilution, which is better for general or emotional symptoms affecting the whole body (think sleeplessness or a fever). You can learn more about the dilution process at and if you’re trying to find out which dilution to take for a specific condition, our free Medicine Finder app can help.

Tabitha Byrnesays:

Does this contain caffeine?


Hello Tabitha, no, there is no caffeine in this homeopathic form.


Does this work for coffee drinkers? Or does that counteract the treatment?


Hi Lisa, if drinking coffee makes you mentally hyperactive and prevents sleep, Coffea cruda can help. Coffee won’t counteract the medicine from working.

Alexander H.says:


Will this help with hypersensitivity to caffeine?


Hi Alexander, if the hypersensitivity results in racing thoughts that make it difficult to fall asleep, then yes Coffea cruda will help.


I sent a message to customer service, seeking help with which dilution of this Coffee Cruda that I should start with to try to help sleeplessness with racing thoughts. I received a response back today which stated, “Unfortunately our medicines are not indicated for the treatment of insomnia.” (see Boiron Contact Form [#22695] [ ref:_00D6gtEtT._5004V14HVaL:ref ] ) Whaaat? This article I’m commenting on says it’s exactly indicated for what I wrote about. I just need to know where to start… lower or higher dilution. Thank you.


Hi Patti, sorry for the confusion. Coffea cruda is indicated for occasional sleeplessness from an overactive mind. It’s best to use the 30C higher dilution for this. Our free Medicine Finder app is also a great resource if you’re not sure which medicine or dilution to use.

Robert Piersonsays:

I know there is only about .5 gram of sugar in my nighttime doses of coffee cruda.
As a highly sensitive person who avoids added sugar in my daily diet, I seem to have even more trouble falling back asleep and my body heats up more after the 3 AM dose of coffee cruda. Any suggestions?


Robert, Boiron offers Coffea cruda in a liquid dilution that doesn’t contain sucrose or lactose used in the pellets, but it does contain 20% alcohol as a preservative. You can special order this at your local health food store, or call us 1-800-BOIRON-1 if you need more information on where to buy.


I used coffea cruda last night at bedtime and some very disturbing dreams. Could the coffea have been the cause?


Hi Kathie, it’s unlikely that Coffea would cause disturbing dreams. But please contact us at 1-800-BOIRON-1 if you’d like to discuss further or talk to our pharmacist, thank you.


Is Coffea Crude suitable for relieving unbearable pain, starting 15 hours after root canal treatment of an already “dead” teeth that was made 3 days ago? And if so in what dillution and how often? Camonilla was tried but did not help. Pain is temporarily relieved by cool water in the mouth. Pain worsens by pressure and seems within the (upper right) jawbone (on top of the dead tooth) but reflects to the joint of the jaws and the right ear.. Only strong pain killers have an effect.The dentist suggested that I should take some antibiotics till our next meeting and antiflammatory which I try to avoid. But I cannot cope whith this pain for long and with pain in general.. Than you!

Thomas Cooksays:


Would coffea cruda be ok to take for adhd symptons like busyness of the mind for example?


Amanda Stinchcombsays:

Coffea Cruda is the only product that has helped my chronic insomnia. Is this a product that can be used long term? I stopped using it, and my sleeplessness was terrible. I don’t want to use pharmaceutical drugs.

Phyllis Hackettsays:

My 3 year old grandson has a terrible problem with sleeplessness and it is a problem for the whole family.
I am a fan of Coffea Cruda, have taken it myself, given it to my older children and recommended it for years. Would it be alright for a 3 year old? Could it perhaps break his pattern of such extreme difficulty falling asleep?
Thank you


Hell Phyllis, we recommend our children’s sleep aid, SleepCalm Kids, for occasional restless sleep and sleeplessness. It comes in pre-measured liquid doses, so it’s easy to give and it’s made for children as young as age 3. Here’s a link:

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