Tips to Beat the Summer Heat


When the mercury rises in the summer, you can easily put yourself at risk for heat exhaustion. High temperatures and humidity can increase your body temperature especially if you are being physically active. You may find that your body is unable to cool itself down. Signs of heat exhaustion typically include fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, rapid pulse, profuse sweating, headache, muscle cramps, and/or nausea. Babies and young children, older adults and those with certain health conditions, like high blood pressure, are particularly susceptible.

Without prompt treatment, heat exhaustion can turn into something more serious like heat or sun stroke that requires immediate medical attention. Fortunately, heat-related illness is preventable. If you can’t spend time in a cool place during the hottest part of the day, keep these tips in mind:

• Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing to allow sweat to evaporate so heat is not trapped around your body.

• Avoid getting sunburn by applying sunscreen. Wear a protective outer covering like a hat or carry an umbrella. Burned skin impairs your body's ability expel its own heat.

• Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids. Avoid caffeine or alcohol as they can produce a diuretic effect. Consume natural electrolyte-rich fluids such as coconut water.

• Stick to shady spots or keep out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

• Avoid strenuous physical activity.

Homeopathic medicines can also help with some symptoms of heat-related illness. According to homeopathy expert, Joette Calebrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(NA), Cuprum metallicum is traditionally associated with cramping muscles but can be used for heat exhaustion. Joette says Cuprum can be used when experiencing light-headedness, a rapid pulse and a cold sweat.  She also recommends Glonoinum and Belladonna. “These homeopathic medicines are frequently used when an individual experiences a red face, throbbing headache, and fever after prolonged heat exposure,” she says.

To learn more about using homeopathic medicines to relieve heat exhaustion and other seasonal symptoms, click here to watch Joette’s Homeopathic Essentials for Summer video.

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