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Family First Aid: Arnicare Gel & Calendula Cream

Boiron Arnicare Gel and Calendula Cream are essentials in the Cohn family medicine cabinet. See how this active family uses these first aid medicines to help relieve their everyday muscles aches, pain and bruises as well as minor skin irritations and learn how they can make a difference for your family too.

Boiron Calendula Cream Uses & Benefits

Natural is very important to Lydia and her family. See how Boiron Calendula Cream, made from Garden marigold, has become a staple in the Cohn household to heal skin irritations including cuts, scrapes, chafing, minor burns and sunburn.

“I am a longtime customer of several of your products and am continually spreading the good word about Oscillococcinum. Thank you for such amazingly effective products. When my tennis team friends have an injury, I introduce them to your Arnica montana and Hypericum perforatum. Together, they reduce pain and bruises in an extraordinary way.”
– Rebecca W., Edmonds, Wash.

“I just had to tell you how impressed I was by one of your products. I have been having a really bad cough, so I used your Medicine Finder app to find something to help me with it. I am very happy I downloaded your app; it’s like a lifesaver to me now. I’m telling all my friends and family about you too. Thanks for a great app and such useful info.”
– Mike G., Bay City, Mich.

“I’ve been using your products for almost two years. I’ve turned my co-workers and my reluctant husband onto your products with complete satisfaction from all. My husband is sensitive to prescriptions and OTC medications and cannot be bogged down with side effects and drowsiness with his job responsibilities. He finally listened to my nagging and tried Coldcalm. He was pleased and is more open to homeopathic care with Boiron products. Thank you!”
– Paula E., Rindge, N.H.

“I wanted to take the time to let you know how thankful I am for your wonderful product, Optique 1. Please know this is the ONLY product I have tried that has actually worked to help my dry eyes. I have been suffering for months and used several other products. Optique 1 is just wonderful and has saved me!”
– Kim S., Downingtown, Pa.

“Your products are simply the best. I have severe allergies, and with the mild winter we had here, the pollen count is higher than normal. Histaminum hydrocholricum is the only thing that keeps me sane. On days when the pollen count is extemely high and I am congested, I use Histaminum with Sinusalia. Also, on an unrelated note, one week before my brother’s wedding, I was thrown from a horse. I was badly bruised down the entire left side of my body. Normally, I would just change what I planned to wear to let the bruises fade. However, I was a bridesmaid, and the dresses were sleeveless and backless, and the bruising would have been very visable. I headed out and picked up Arnica pellets and cream. I used them faithfully (applying cream 2-3 times per day and pellets every 4 hours or so) and by the wedding day, the bruises were gone! Thanks Boiron!”
– Miranda A., Huntsville, Ala.

Camilia Teething testimonial by Lisa in Philadelphia, PA.

“I’d like to share my comments about your amazing product, Avenoc. I’m using it for the first time, and it really helps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Alexander S., North Providence, RI

“I recently bought your Pulsatilla 30X at my local Vitamin Shoppe, and I am amazed at how well it works, and I just wanted to say thank you!”

– Laurie, D., Irving, Tx.

“My wife had me try Oscillo and Coldcalm and I have used them throughout the past two cold seasons with unbelievably good results. At the onset of symptoms, I have used either Oscillo or Coldcalm and have had a dramatic decrease in both symptoms and in the duration of colds and flu. I work in a public school setting and get an annual flu shot. I have had colds last for months, but not after using your products. Thank you, thank you!”

– John E., Newnan, Ga.

“I went to Whole Foods recently to pick up a box of Oscillo because I was coming down with something and wanted to nip it in the bud. I think I would have felt a lot worse if I hadn’t taken Oscillo. It was well worth the money spent on it. It really does work!”

– Donna W., Silver Springs, Md.

“Thank you for putting this on the market. My husband came down with the flu and would not take Oscillo—he was miserable for 3 days and finally decided he had to see a doctor. I took Oscillo when my symptoms appeared. I haven’t been sick except very mild cold symptoms. I love your product and look forward to trying more of your products. Thanks so much. My husband wishes now that he’d taken it also.” 
– Katherine W., McCalla, Ala.

“I stumbled upon your product Oscillococcinum last year when both my husband and son became very ill with the flu. I have to be very careful with over-the-counter medicines for my husband as he takes several other medicines and I am always concerned that contraindications might occur. As Oscillococcinum is homeopathic, I felt it would be least likely to cause a contraindication. Another obstacle I face is getting my 5 years old son to take medicine. Generally giving him medicine is an all-out battle, with most of the medicine ending up all over the bed sheets, or down the front of him. But not with Oscillococcinum, he loves the crunchy texture and sweet taste.

Your product works like nothing I have ever seen. It is absolutely amazing. I have shared it with numerous friends, co-workers and family members. All of them have had significant relief of their symptoms after taking only one dose. I am such a believer in your product that I carry a box in my purse at all times. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!”
– Eline M., Calif.

“Coldcalm is great! I use it every time I feel a cold coming on, and it gets rid of my symptoms before the cold even really starts! My cold disappears. Since I get colds often, Coldcalm is a great product for me to use. It’s amazing!”

– Ellie S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada