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    Influezinum is a homeopathic dilution of Influenzinum that relieves after effects of flu or flu-like symptoms.

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    Coffea Cruda 30C Bonus Pack

    Occasional sleeplessness and restless sleep due to mental hyperactivity, racing thoughts, worries, and concerns.

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    Ignatia Amara 30C Bonus Pack

    Hypersensitivity, irritability, moodiness, and apprehension, as well as feelings of sadness and grief without the use of chemical sedatives.

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    Arsenicum Album 30C Bonus Pack

    Targeted relief from diarrhea and vomiting by addressing symptoms of nausea, cramps, and weakness.

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    Rhus Tox 30C Bonus Pack

    Rhus Tox 30C Bonus Pack Swollen joints, stiffness, and weather-related aches.

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    Pulsatilla 30C Bonus Pack

    Pulsatilla 30C Bonus Pack colds with nasal congestion and thick, yellow mucus; spasmodic wet, cough; and a loss of taste or smell.

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    Aconitum 30C Bonus Pack

    Get targeted relief with Boiron Aconitum napellus 30C meltaway pellets, for fever up to 102°F with dry, red, and hot skin, coughing, and restlessness or agitation.

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    Lycopodium Clavatum 30C Bonus Pack

    Relief from bloating and gas, as well as accompanying discomfort and pressure.

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    Sambucus Nigra 6C Cough & Cold Relief

    Get targeted relief with Boiron Sambucus nigra 6C meltaway pellets, for colds with painful cough, nasal congestion, hoarseness, and loss of voice.