Let’s Explore Some Single Medicines That Can Provide Allergy-Symptom Relief


When it comes to allergies, there are single homeopathic medicines that can cover a wide range of symptoms and some that offer relief based solely on an individual’s specific set of symptoms. Take Histaminum hydrochloricum for instance. Histaminum, a homeopathic preparation of histamine, is one of the main single medicines for symptoms of allergic reactions because an allergic reaction always involves an increased production of histamine in the body whatever the cause may be. Therefore, Histaminum is routinely given for any symptom of allergic reaction like hay fever, rashes or a food allergy.* Because the similarity between the cause (production of histamine) and the medicine (Histaminum) is high, then a high dilution (30C) can be used.

There are other single medicines that target main symptoms of allergies such as Apis mellifica. Apis is a made from the honey bee and relieves symptoms of inflammation such as congestion of mucus membranes (nose, sinuses and eyelids) and the stinging pain that accompanies them.* Homeopathic medicines such as Galphimia glauca are made from flowering plants known to be powerful allergens. Galphimia is made from shower of gold shrub and has been shown to relieve symptoms of hay fever in several clinical studies.* Low dilutions such as 6C address more local symptoms (those that you can point to on the body with your finger).

Homeopathic medicines should be matched to symptoms typically experienced by an allergy-sufferer. You can use our free Boiron Medicine Finder to guide your selection:

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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