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Holistic Essentials for the Holidays


Don’t let sickness put a damper on your holiday celebration. Be prepared with a holistic kit of essentials that includes probiotics, zinc lozenges and Oscillococcinum.

With the holidays almost here, getting sick is the last thing you want to happen. With a million and one things to do, changes in diet and sleep habits, you may be more susceptible to picking up a bug. Ken Redcross, MD, internal physician and founder of the personalized medical practice Redcross Concierge, recommends these holistic essentials to keep on-hand in case symptoms arise:

  1. Probiotics: The live cultures in probiotics not only address digestive issues, but are said to stave off colds. One study found that those who took a probiotic supplement with Lactobacillus rhamnosus (a type of healthy probiotic bacteria) recovered earlier and reported less severe symptoms.
  2.  Zinc lozenges: Zinc lozenges are an easy way to get this essential mineral, which is vital to the cells of the immune system. Research has also shown it to be beneficial in addressing cold symptoms.
  3. Ocillococcinum: For a convenient and easily accessible flu reliever, Oscillococcinum is available in quick-dissolving, sweet-tasting pellets. When taken at the first sign of symptoms, Oscillo has been shown to reduce both the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.* Oscillo can be used by everyone 2 and up.

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sherry trottersays:

I wanted to ask a question that comes from a lot of tears and heartbreak. For the past 10 years my mother has been battling a very aggressive cancer. She goes through so many rounds of chemo and the cancer will go into remission and within a years time it’s back again. For 10 years she has been battling this awful disease. She is now at the point where she is on chemo indefinitely. This has been devastating to her and our entire family.
She loves your products. I come to you today in asking if you offer any kind of product donation or coupons I could gift her with as this would surely bring a smile to her face.
Thank you again for all you do and great quality products!!


Sherry, we are so sorry to hear about your mother. We’ve emailed you privately, please check your inbox.

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