Boiron’s Latest Podcast Shares Tips for Keeping Schools & Homes Flu-Free


Our “Tackling the Flu, Naturally” podcast series continues this month with our third episode, “The Flu at School & Home,” and registered school nurse Bonnie Ward offers tips for teaching your kids how to properly wash their hands and how to determine if your child should stay home from school. child-applying-hand-sanitizer-in-classroomThe 14-minute podcast continues with pharmacist Gary Kracoff’s list of helpful foods for fighting flu, and Nancy Peplinsky, a mother of two boys and the founder of the Holistic Moms Network, shares how educating your children about their own immune system can put them on a path to healthy living.

Click here to listen to part three, and share it with your family and friends via social media. And stay tuned for our fourth and final episode in early February. Plus, check back soon for our third “Tackling the Flu, Naturally” giveaway!

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