Natural Ways to Keep Unwanted Visitors Out of Your Garden

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Keeping plants safe from predators can be a challenge for any gardener. Here are some natural ways that can help keep unwanted visitors out of your garden:

• Keep Plants Healthy: Having healthy plants means they are better equipped to grow quickly and withstand pest damage. Make sure your plants are not over- or under-watered, and are getting adequate light or shade depending on their needs.

• Mix Them Up: Mix different plants together in your beds so pests won’t take out a whole crop at a time. Some plants in combination can effectively keep pests away.

• Keep an eye out: Visit your plants as often as possible. This will allow you to catch pest infestations at an early stage making it more manageable. Use some soap or hot-pepper sprays to rid the plant of insects.

• Use Mother Nature: Plant some herbs and flowers among your vegetables to lure predatory insects like ladybugs, whose larvae feed on pests. Welcome birds to your garden with a birdbath so they can feed on the insects.

Always keep in mind that healthy soil means healthy plants. And healthy plants mean they are better able to resist pests and disease.

Learn more about keeping your garden green and eco-friendly by watching our Healthy Garden Series featuring Laura Weller, a plant specialist at Rodale Institute.


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