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Bringout the Health Within


Tiffani Amber Theissen, White Collar

“My family and I are big fans of Boiron’s Camilia teething relief. We have used this product on both of our kids and Camilia helped with their painful gums and irritability.”
(Quote provided through Mediaplacement Entertainment Inc., Feb. 29, 2016.)

Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars/Divergent/The Secret Life of an American Teenager

“Boiron has helped me and my family in more ways than I can count…it’s the only medicine I use! When my mom dislocated her shoulder, the Arnicare healed her bruises and swollen tissues. She swears by it. I go to their products for everything: menstrual cramps, toothaches, sore throats, and sinus relief among other things. I think it’s important to recognize what we heal our bodies with and Boiron seems to be the only company I’ve found whom retains moral integrity while providing homeopathic products that WORK!”

Toni Collette, A Long Way Down/The Way, Way Back/Little Miss Sunshine/The Sixth Sense

“I love all Boiron products and have been using them for years. With young children I especially love both the Arnica and Calendula. Between the two we’re covered for all inevitable falls!” – love, Toni Collette

Quotes provided at the HBO Luxury Lounge in honor of the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, Jan. 2016, or renewed where noted (*) at this event.

Saffron Burrows, Mozart in the Jungle

“I’m obsessed with this. This is the only product I approve of.”

Scott wolf, The Night Shift

“My wife and I use a lot of those blue tubes, especially for things like fever that come up with our kids.”

Michael Cudlitz, The Walking Dead

“My wife and I love Boiron’s medicines so much since trying them that we gave some of the products to our friends.”*

Willie Garson, White Collar

“I have used Oscillo and Coldcalm for the past 20 years. I use Coffea cruda to help me sleep.”

Austin Basis, Beauty and the Beast

“I used Quietude and Sedalia from last time I saw you, and it worked so well.”*

Janiece Sarduy, Deception & Lies

“Thank you for all of the Boiron products! We, as a family, are huge fans for years now.”

Richard Cabral, American Crime

“I uses your products. It’s good to know I can order Arnicare Cream and Oscillo online now.”

Daniel Franzese, Looking

“I used one the blue tubes to help me when I quit smoking.”

Milauna Jackson, Strike Back

“When I looked up what companies would be at this event, I was excited to see Boiron. I came specifically to talk with you!”

(*) indicates that the quote was renewed.