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Bringout the Health Within


Quotes were provided at the Los Angeles Dodgers Dugout Lounge®, April 1, 2017, at Dodger Stadium except where noted.

“We like to use natural products. We have used all of these products with our two little boys at home.” —Chase Utley, second baseman

“We use a lot of Boiron’s products. They are the best stuff here. My wife uses them all of the time—especially for allergies and for pain. We use it for the boys too.”* —Steve Yeager, coach

“We used Camilia last year. It works! Every time my son got fussy, we just popped open one of those tubes. Oscillo is great, and I use Coldcalm too.”* —Brandon McDaniel, strength and conditioning coach

“We use all of these products—Arnicare, Calendula, Coldcalm and the eye drops! My eyes get irritated, especially in the morning, and Optique is really helpful.”*—Rob Flippo, bullpen catcher

“My wife uses the products. She is into natural products. We have a one-year-old boy. The Camilia worked perfectly for teething.” —Chris Hatcher, pitcher

“This stuff is great! I used everything in my gift bag last year. The stuff for allergies [Sabadil] helped me last year.” —Ross Striping, starting pitcher

“The players just love Boiron’s stuff!”—Ellen Harrigan, director, Baseball Administration

* Quotes from past events were reconfirmed April 1, 2017.