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    Instead of merely numbing pain, Boiron ThroatCalm tablets relieve minor sore throat associated with colds and hoarseness from...

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    Phytolacca decandra

    About Phytolacca decandra: Product Category:Cold & Flu Indications:Sore throat with pain radiating to the ears Directions: Adults & children:...

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    Natrum sulphuricum

    About Natrum sulphuricum: Product Category: Cough Indications: Bronchial irritation worsened by humidity* Directions: Adults & children: At the...

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    Hepar sulphuris calcareum

    About Hepar sulphuris calcareum: Product Category: Cough Indications: Painful and hoarse dry cough worsened by cold weather* Directions:...

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    Arum triphyllum

    About Arum triphyllum: Product Category: Cold & Flu Indications: Hoarseness with broken voice* Directions: Adults & children: At...

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    Mercurius solubilis

    About Mercurius Solubilis: Product Category: Cold & Flu Indications: Sore throat with bad breath and excessive salivation* Directions:...