Dr. Oz Show Features Self-Massage with Arnica Gel to Keep Lymphatic System Healthy


Most of us probably heard this from our parents more often than we wanted to when we were kids—“Listen to me. I know what I’m talking about!” Fortunately, on a recent episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” Dr. Mehmet Oz put this advice to good use, and he and his father-in-law, Dr. Gerry Lemole, share their four-step plan for  a healthy lymphatic system to help fight off chronic diseases. The last step involves a self-massage with a homeopathic Arnica gel.

“This is my favorite. It’s not just Arnica. It’s Arnica with massage. And that’s an important combination,” Dr. Oz says.

And Dr. Lemole agrees. “The final step involves a self-massage with Arnica gel. It helps with sore muscles by promoting circulation, which also helps to flush out the lymphatics as well,” he said. “One of the best places to massage the Arnica gel is the neck. Put a little Arnica gel on your fingers. Place the gel on either side of your neck and rub it on the neck in a downward motion toward the upper back. Repeat this 10 times.”

The active ingredient in Arnica gel is Arnica montana. Used for centuries as a natural pain reliever, Arnica has grown to be one of the most popular homeopathic medicines worldwide. Boiron offers Arnica in a gel, cream, ointment and oral pellets or tablets to help relieve muscle pain and stiffness, and to reduce pain, swelling and discoloration from bruising. For more information on Arnica and where to buy Boiron’s pain-relieving medicine, click here.

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