Bringout the Health Within


“Load me up for my kids. I want more of everything. All of it: the mosquito bite medicine, Calendula, all the cough, cold and flu medicines for the kids, and Arnicare. Lots of Arnicare for my workouts.”
Gilles Marini, Brothers & Sisters (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2011 Golden Globes)

“I’m hooked on your products! I keep Quietude for sleeplessness on hand for nights.”
Lindsay Pulsipher, True Blood (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2011 Golden Globes)

“I have to tell you, when I came to the Boiron booth before the Emmy Awards, my throat was so sore and I was having trouble talking. You gave me Roxalia and it was the only thing that worked!”
Erin Levy, Mad Men writer (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2011 Golden Globes)

“Last time I saw Boiron, you gave me the Coldcalm cold medicine. Wow! I couldn’t believe how well that worked! And the jet lag medicine—I’m flying back and forth to London weekly. I need more. It really helps!”
Nigel Lythgoe, So You Think You Can Dance (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2011 Golden Globes

Suffering from irritated eyes from a facial product, Matt used Optique 1 eye drops on the spot and reported seconds later: “That’s amazing! They already feel better.”
Matt Wiener, Mad Men creator (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2011 Golden Globes)

“I was given Oscillococcinum and Chestal when I was sick. I loved the Chestal cough syrup. It really helped my throat. In fact, I wish I had all of this earlier. I haven’t been feeling well. But at least I’ll have it for tonight [for the Emmy Awards].”
Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2010 Emmys)

“I don’t like taking medicine because of how it affects you, but I really like Coldcalm and use it a lot. I like it because it’s safe and it doesn’t give you those side effects.”
C.S. Lee, Dexter (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2010 Emmys)

“My wife couldn’t come with me to the gifting lounge today, but she told me, ‘Come home with a purse and medicine.’”
Aaron Staton, Mad Men (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2010 Emmys)

“During my honeymoon, I gave my wife Quietude (for sleeplessness), and she slept for six hours. She really needed it!”
Al Roker, Today (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2010 Emmys)

“My friend recommended Optique 1 to me. I use it when I play golf.”
Kenny Lofton, MLB player (HBO Luxury Lounge/ 2010 Emmys)