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Bringout the Health Within


“We have utilized Boiron products on many occasions. Arnicare Gel has been utilized with massage and other modality treatments, and Oscillo has been a great adjunct to many of the cold and flu medications during our very busy travel schedule. It is always good when you are able to offer members of your organization a homeopathic way of maintaining one’s health.”

—Jim McCrossin, Athletic Trainer/Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Flyers

“I have used Arnica and have seen the pellets. It’s at Whole Foods.”

—Mike MacDougal – Pitcher; 2003 All-Star Selection, LA Dodgers, The 2011 Dodgers Luxury Lounge

“The Boiron [medicines] are essential in my derby workout. They help me get through the grueling training.”

—Tip-Her Gore, Manhattan Mayhem
Gotham Girls Roller Derby

“I love the Calendula Cream! It helps heal scratches, scrapes and rashes very quickly.”

—Beyonsláy, Manager, Bronx Gridlock
Gotham Girls Roller Derby

“The first thing I did was take Oscillococcinum, then Coldcalm. Although I missed work these past 3 days, they did make me feel better when I did take it. Also, they didn’t make me jittery like some non-drowsy formulas. I thought they would taste weird dissolving in my mouth, but there was no taste at all.”

—T. Barhydt, NorCal Velo Women’s Cycling Team

“I’m recovering from a stress injury in my foot and Arnicare has been my #1 throughout my healing. I continue to use it everyday to help keep this area strong. I’m back running and get a little sore because of the injury, Arnicare has been huge in my mental and physical relief. As you know, we love this product. My husband is using it for some tension and soreness in his foot as his running mileage is up about 70 miles a week. We are both training for Ironman Coeur d’Alene right now and Arnicare is pretty much our best friend. We both have a tube on our night stands. It’s a daily ritual in our house.”

—Jessica Gumkowski, Triathlete, Boulder, Colo.