Homeopathic Essentials for Fall

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Revised on July 28th, 2022

The dog days of summer are gone and now the leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter.  It’s also a time when you might find yourself feeling a little down now that you are back into the daily grind of school or work.  This time of year can have an effect on your mood or emotions. Here’s where homeopathy can help, says homeopathic expert Joette Calabrese.

The ultimate tool to keep parents sane with the kids’ return to school and activities is Ignatia amara, according to Calabrese. Ignatia relieves symptoms of stress with hypersensitivity to pain, smell, and stress, improved by distraction.*

She also recommends  Gelsemium sempervirens, which is popular for adults and students who become paralyzed with fear before giving a talk or taking an exam. It relieves apprehension with trembling, dizziness, general weakness, and feeling that memory is failing.*

Another common medicine for anticipatory fears, says Calabrese, is Argentum nitricum, which relieves apprehension with feelings of hurriedness, belching, and stomach aches.*

When an adult or child dreads public speaking, taking tests, or new things in general, Calabrese recommends Lycopodium clavatum. Additionally, exhausted students and burned out executives may find Kali phosphoricum useful as she says it helps relieve physical and intellectual fatigue due to overexertion, with sleeplessness and headaches.*

Phosphoricum acidum is also a “friend to the overworked” as it helps relieve symptoms from intellectual overexertion, with headaches, bad memory, and lack of interest in intellectual work, according to Calabrese.*

“Even for the most calm and outgoing person, returning to school or work is an adjustment,” she says. “Having your homeopathic arsenal nearby and determining the right medicine will help your family thrive throughout the season.”

*These “uses” have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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