Autumn on the Farm: Garden Tour & Meet Up

Boiron in partnership with Rodale Institute hosted Autumn on the Farm: Garden Tour and Meet Up on the nonprofit’s 330-acre farm in Kutztown, Pa. on Sept. 29. Jeff Moyer, executive director of Rodale Institute, opened the event with an overview of the institute’s history and mission. Boiron Pharmacist Christophe Merville, D. Pharm. lectured on the history of homeopathy and its modern use of flowers and herbs as active ingredients in homeopathic medicines. Attendees also learned how to incorporate flowers and herbs into their DIY holistic skincare routine with a talk by educator and author Rachael Pontillo of Holistically Haute. Dr. Merville, along with the institute’s plant production specialist Maggie Saska, led a guided tour of the Boiron Medicinal Garden, an educational showcase of flowers and herbs used in manufacturing homeopathic medicines.

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