Feeling Stressed? Take a Deep Breath

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Revised on October 7th, 2020

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been so upset we’ve had to pause for a deep breath to calm down. And maybe the frenzy of the holidays or visiting family have us feeling more stressed than usual this time of year. Well, controlled breathing exercises like the kind used in yoga can be one of the fastest ways to relax your body and reset your mind.

Deep breathing is something you can do anywhere and takes only a few minutes. First, get comfortable by relaxing your face and shoulders. Then exhale slowly through your nose, pulling your abdomen in as you push the air from your lungs. Next, steadily inhale through your nose. You’ll feel those same belly muscles expand as your abdomen, lungs, and throat fill with air. Repeat this a few times whenever you’re feeling stressed or before heading into a tense situation.

In this video, yoga and fitness expert Sara Fowler, RN, will show you exactly how to perform this deep breathing exercise.

Interested in learning other calming techniques? Visit the Boiron YouTube channel for more yoga videos from Sara Fowler, including this one on her favorite poses for stress relief.

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