Easy Guide to Homeopathic Medicines Now Available Online


According to our General Manager Christian Boiron, “The ability to maintain and restore our health is within each of us, and homeopathic medicines, rather than merely suppressing symptoms, stimulate our body’s natural resources to heal itself. More and more Americans are turning to these medicines as their first choice of treatment.”

Interested in learning more about this first choice of treatment and how you and your family can use homeopathic medicines to relieve acute conditions such as allergies, coughs, colds, flu, muscle pain and teething? Head to and check out our Easy Guide to Homeopathic Medicines. Now available online, this easy-to-use catalog explains the uses and benefits of homeopathic medicines and organizes our branded and single medicines into nine color-coded categories—Allergy, Children, Cold & Flu, Cough, Digestive, First Aid, Pain, Stress & Sleep, and Women—to help you find the best medicine for your symptoms. It also includes alphabetical and therapeutic indexes for easy access. To view the catalog, click here.

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Jutta R Kullmannsays:


which of your products are suggested for osteoarthritis?



Hello Jutta, our Arnicare Arthritis Tablets are ideal for minor aches and joint pain from arthritis. Here’s a link on our site for more info and where to buy.

Dr. Z. Ahmadsays:

boiron medicine for hip joints pain and arthritis needed.

Winton Almassays:

Looking some remedy for R. Arthritis


Hi Winton, have you checked out our Arnicare Arthritis tablets?


What would be helpful for Asthma relief?


Hi Divya, there are homeopathic medicines that can help with asthma, but we recommend you consult a doctor to best determine evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment. To locate a practitioner knowledgeable in homeopathy, please contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437- 4752 or visit

Elena Shulmansays:

Unfortunately the link above doesn’t have any info regarding homeopathic doctors in particular areas/locations.


Hello Elena, you can find homeopathic doctors in your area under the Resources tab of the NCH website, and select “Find a Homeopath“. Hope that helps!


Do you have a product that helps with diuresis?


I need to know homeopathic I may take for dog dander reactions thank you


Hi Chelsea, we recommend our RhinAllergy Tablets for relief of main allergy symptoms including sneezing, a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes and an itchy throat from dog dander. You can find them in a store near you or order online.


Re dog dander allergy; if the non-specific products available OTC don’t help enough, you can ask your homeopathic practitioner to send in some of your dog’s dander to a professional homeopathic pharmacy which specializes in making medicines to order. They can make an allergy relief product for you which (in my experience) may be quite effective.


Hello Chelsea,
If the OTC products don’t work well enough, you can get a very specific remedy made to order from your dog’s dander from a homeopathic pharmacy which specializes in that. Just ask your homeopathic practitioner about it.


What is best for nighttime leg cramps some of which seem to start in the foot and go upward.


Hi Mariah, Zincum metallicum is a single medicine indicated for leg cramps and you can find it at Whole Foods Market and other health food stores. It’s also part of our Leg Pain Bonus Care Pack, which contains three separate medicines that address leg cramps along with restless legs and shooting pain. Hope this helps!


I’m looking for homeopathic medicine for my 13 year old son. something for stress, irritation, ADHD to calm him down and help him concentrate.
Thank you


Hello Gracjana, Kali phosphoricum 30C is one of the top remedies that relieves symptoms of intellectual fatigue, including headaches, difficulty concentrating, and sleeplessness. Coffea cruda 30C is another medicine that can help with mental hyperactivity. However, because of the type of symptoms associated with ADHD and the longer treatment required for a chronic condition, we recommend you speak to a practitioner skilled in homeopathy who will be able to come up with a personalized protocol for your son. To locate a practitioner in your area, please contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437- 4752 or visit

Doreen Rosesays:

Can you suggest the best remedy and strength for a sinus infection?


Hi Doreen, sinus infections may require medical diagnosis and prescription treatment, so we recommend you consult with a doctor. However, we do have an over-the-counter solution for sinus symptoms called SinusCalm. It contains several homeopathic medicines in one formula that relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure, and headaches due to colds or allergies. It’s safe to use alongside other medications and supplements. Here’s a link for more information:

Christina Schnecksays:

I have a bottle of your Nux Vomica 200CK and I need to reorder. 2 fluid ounces. Do I order from you direct or can you tell me where to find this product?


Hi Christina, liquid dilutions can be special ordered at your local health food store, just speak to one of the store associates to place the order and you will be able to pick up in-store. You can also call us at 1-800-264-7661 for a listing of mail order pharmacies or if you have any more questions!

Julie Coltonsays:

What are you recommending for Covid 19 symptoms?


Hello Julie, we’re unaware of any specific homeopathic treatment for COVID-19 infections. We do not recommend any of our products to be used for the treatment or prevention of coronavirus symptoms since confirmed infections have ranged from people with little to no symptoms to people being severely ill and dying. We urge you to follow the advice of government officials and health care providers during a health crisis such as this. Thank you!

Donna Klucharichsays:

What would you suggest for high blood pressure. Not hypertension I was told Nux Vomica was ok to use. What else would you suggest? Patients don’t want to visit their MD when their pressure is normal but anxiety may push it up. Some supplement to maintain and stay healthy


Hello Donna, high blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic condition that can be managed with homeopathic treatment alone or with conventional therapy. The treatment is of course highly personalized.

During or before a medical exam, the blood pressure often increases due to natural apprehension. This is a perfectly well-known phenomenon, which is taken in account by doctors. If apprehension is the problem, Gelsemium 30C, Ignatia 30C or Argentum nitricum 30C can be helpful. Take 5 pellets the night before, 5 pellets in the morning and 5 pellets before the exam (or 3 times a day if needed). We also offer Sedalia, a multisymptom medicine that contains several homeopathic ingredients that target symptoms of stress and apprehension.

Breathing is also a great way to lessen apprehension and can help you relax to decrease blood pressure. Hope this helps!

Susan Aripotchsays:

I have a mild sensitivity on my upper eyelids. It’s a bit itchy, but I’m not scratching. What remedy should I try?


Hi Susan, Apis mellifica is an option for stinging or itching pain especially in the eyes, as well as styes and conjunctivitis. You can also try our free Boiron Medicine Finder app to see other remedies that can help based on your symptom.

Verona Parksays:

What would be your recommendation for warty dyskeratoma? Thank you in advance.


Hi Verona, Thuja occidentalis is our over-the-counter treatment for wart removal. However, a skilled homeopathic practitioner will be able to develop a treatment protocol for your specific condition. To find one in your area, contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437-4752 or visit


What are you recommending for kidney cancer with metastasis?


Hi Nik, a homeopathic practitioner will best be able to assist you in creating a treatment protocol for your specific condition. You can find one in your area by contacting the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437-4752 or

Susan Emersonsays:

When I had my hip replacement I mixed 3 of your pills together and took 5–3X a day. They were wonderful and took the pain right away. Can you please figure out what I took? I am having my knee replacement surgery and I want to have the pain medicine on hand so I don’t have to go on the hospital’s heavy pain medicine that I hate.
Thank you so much for your help.


Hi Susan, was it Arnica montana? That’s a popular medicine we have for soreness, stiffness, and pain and many doctors recommend it after surgery. The dosage is 5 pellets 3 times a day. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


What is the homeopathic approach for frequent v. bacterial infections and menopausal v. dryness?


Hello Annie, as a manufacturer, we offer over-the-counter medicines with clear indications for acute conditions that can be safely relieved with self-medication. Each medicine is labeled with the most common acute condition it relieves. However, health care professionals may instruct their patients to use the medicine for other conditions not listed on the label. Homeopathic treatments for chronic conditions are very specific to each patient. There may be a homeopathic treatment that addresses your condition, but we recommend consulting a practitioner knowledgeable in homeopathy. If you do not have a practitioner, please contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437-4752 or visit

Andre Kinleysays:

My wife has MS and has foggy brain and stiff muscle . Also she has had some mini strokes and a hip replacement 2 years ago . Do you recommend any of remedies?


Hello Andre, thank you for reaching out. There are homeopathic medicines that may help but because of the type of condition, we recommend consulting a practitioner skilled in homeopathy. You can find one by contacting the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437- 4752 or


I am taking Bar C . I believe it is working ! Please tell me what it is I take 12 c at my homeopaths direction.


Hi Trudi, I believe the medicine you’re referring to is Baryta carbonica (or Bar C for short). You can give us a call at 1-800-BOIRON-1 if you need more information on where to find this medicine.

Teresa J. Kramersays:

I have a tube of Boiron Arnica 6x, purchased by mistake instead of Arnica 6c. Is it safe to use Arnica 6x in case of a fall on the ice, and how would you suggest using it?


Hi Teresa, yes Arnica 6X is safe to take for falls. Take it the same way as you would Arnica 6C, which is 5 pellets 3 times a day. Dilution levels like C or X are merely fine tuning and as long as you have the correct medicine (which you do), you will see a lessening of symptoms. You can read more about dilution levels here:


Hi, what do you recommend for indigestion, pain in the gallbladder area, gas, bloating, discomfort. Gastric ulcer.l excessive heartburn, erge. Thank you in advance.


Hello Susana, check out our multi-symptom medicine Acidil for acid indigestion, heartburn, and bloating. Here’s the link:


Hi, my son goes to sleep normally but after 2-3 hours he wakes up again most of the time 1 am to 2 am. What would you recommend?


which medicine is good for peripheral neuropathy


Hi Guss, the homeopathic prepartion of St. John’s wort, called Hypericum perforatum, can relieve radiating or shooting nerve pain.


which of homeopathy medicine is good for peripheral neuropathy


Wanted some help for 77 year old male suffering from Raynaud’s. Otherwise healthy. Its debilitating in slightly cold weather leading to blisters. Moving North to be close to family is just not possible. Living in S.Carolina now.
Thank you


Hello Soma, a practitioner skilled in homeopathy would be able to develop a treatment plan for this condition. You can contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437- 4752 or visit to find one in your area.


Do you have any medicine containing Rhodiola Rosea?
Thank you!


Hi Deanne, no we do not offer that medicine. If you’re looking for relief from stress or nervous tension, we recommend our StressCalm medicine.

Danielle A.says:

Hi there! We have tried many of your products and they’re great! Can you recommend something for an adolescent with chrons disease?

Thank you! D


Hello, we do not offer any over-the-counter medicine for Crohn’s disease, but take a look at our digestive medicines for symptom relief. You can also download our free Medicine Finder app to search for medicines by symptom.

Amy S.says:

Is there something you could recommend for mild hyperactivity?
Thank you


Hi Amy, Coffea cruda is often used for mental hyperactivity, especially when it affects sleep. A homeopath will be able to recommend the best course of treatment based on your specific symptoms. Contact the National Center for Homeopathy at (856) 437- 4752 or visit to find one in your area.


Do you have any homeopathic treatment that clear calcification on breast tissue permanently please?


Hi Zara, as an OTC medicine manufacturer, we’re don’t offer any products for that condition, but you can always contact a homeopathic practitioner for treatment and advice. Contac the National Center for Homeopathy at or visit to find one in your area.


Is there anything to help with weight loss. Have menopause weight gain. It’s so hard to loss the weight.


Thanks for your question, Mary. Homeopathic treatments can be used to decrease cravings or manage certain conditions when eating is compulsive. Homeopathic treatments can be used in conjunction with other changes in lifestyle or the use of herbs and supplements to help a patient reach a certain weight. All of these treatments must be defined by a physician skilled in homeopathy. You can find one in your area by contacting the National Center for Homeopathy at at or visit


Cold Calm was suggested for quick set in cold…. Sneezing headache cough not bad….exhaustion…sinus area bothers me…. No discharge at all…nose…cough or when sneeze… dry eyes….it seems each 15 min I dissolved the pills for that first hour my headache became worse…advice please
56 years old


Hi Peggy, it’s not uncommon for symptoms to temporarily worsen after the first couple of doses of ColdCalm or any other homeopathic medicine. It’s a sign of healing and that it’s helping your body work through the illness. However, if your headache continues, stop use and consider switching to a different medicine.

Betty Pedersensays:

Hi. I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. Online information suggested that I use Ferrum phosphoricum. The label doesn’t say it helps that problem. Is it the right medicine for anemia?


Hi Betty, Boiron is a manufacturer of over-the-counter medicines with clear indications for acute conditions that can be safely relieved with self-medication. Health care professionals may instruct their patients to use the medicine for other conditions not listed on the label, such as anemia in your case. Homeopathic treatments for chronic conditions are very specific to each patient, therefore we recommend consulting a practitioner knowledgeable in homeopathy. If you do not have a practitioner, please contact the National Center for Homeopathy at or visit


What’s is good for fungus on the nails?


Hello Esmeralda, thank you for your question. Unfortunately at this time, Boiron does not offer any solutions for nail fungus.


Hello, what do you recommend for swelling/itching from a yellow jacket sting? Also, I heard you should not drink coffee when taking a homeopathic remedy. Is that true? If so, how many hours or days should I leave between taking the remedy and having a cup of coffee? Thank you for your wonderful remedies!


Hi Jenna, Apis mellifica 30C is most commonly used to relieve swelling and itchiness of wasp and bee stings. Homeopathic medicines are absorbed under the tongue, also known as sublingual absorption. To allow for better absorption, homeopathic medicines should be taken in a mouth free of strong flavors or anything that may coat the mouth. We recommend taking the medicine 15 minutes before or after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. There is no need to abstain from drinking coffee for hours or days when using a remedy, hope that helps!


what would you recommend for lungs and or improve breathing, even lung strengthening.


Hi Natasha, homeopathic medicines are not supplements. They are intended to relieve symptoms of acute conditions, and are not for daily use in supporting respiratory health. Visit our Medicine Finder for the best medicines for allergy, cold, and other respiratory symptoms.

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