Back-to-School Mommy Survival Kit

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Revised on February 15th, 2023


Back-to-school time can be exciting, but it can also be very stressful. Getting back to the hustle and bustle of early mornings, can often leave moms feeling stressed and fatigued. To help moms manage back-to-school stress, here’s some information about three homeopathic medicines that can help offer relief.

For moms anxious about their little one’s first day of preschool or feeling guilty about not being as involved in their child’s school activities as they would like, Ignatia amara may help. Latin for the St. Ignatius bean, Ignatia relieves nervousness due to everyday stress.*

After a long day shuffling the kids between school and extracurricular activities it can be difficult for mom to relax and fall asleep. When you’re lying awake at night thinking about the next day’s schedule, try Coffea cruda, made from a coffee bean. While coffee stimulates the body, the homeopathic version relieves sleeplessness due to hypersensitivity.*

For an all-around stress reliever, moms can try the non-habit forming, non-drowsy StressCalm. With its plant-powered active ingredients, StressCalm temporarily relieves nervousness, hypersensitivity, and fatigue due to stress.*

To find more homeopathic medicines that can help moms with back-to-school stress and other every day health conditions, download our free Medicine Finder app.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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