Ask the Pharmacist: What’s the Difference Between an Allergy Shot and a Homeopathic Medicine?

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Revised on February 6th, 2023

Blog Post: What’s the Difference Between an Allergy Shot and a Homeopathic Medicine?

We were recently asked about the difference between having an allergy shot and taking a homeopathic medicine. So we went to our resident expert, Christophe Merville, D. Pharm for answers. Christophe says that while both aim to relieve symptoms, allergy shots attempt to desensitize patients to an allergy by utilizing common allergens. Homeopathic medicines, which can be self-administered, are more tailored to relieve an individual’s unique set of symptoms. He says that homeopathic medicines are a useful complement to allergy shots by helping to relieve acute allergy symptoms. “Homeopathic medicines are very safe and very often give great results. They are even used in many countries as a first line of treatment for allergies, precisely because they are less invasive and more cost effective. If the homeopathic treatment alone doesn't give the expected results, we can always resort to the allergy shot treatment.” Good to know!

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Comments (2)

Janice Palmersays:

Do you have a remedy for Anaphylactic Reactions? I cannot take Sulfa- the antibiotic; Sulfites-an enhancer or preservative ; Anything in the Sulfa family; All I would have an Anaphylactic Reaction; Aspirin-I break out; Latex; I break out
Maybe there is something that I could take everyday, so if I ever got into something that had Sulfites I could at least slow it down until I got to an ER or doctor.
We don’t eat out anymore because of Sulfites being in a lot of foods. I can no longer have a glass of wine.
Please let me know on this.
Thank you,
Jan Palmer


Hi Janice, unfortunately, anaphylactic reactions can be life-threatening, so we cannot advise using Boiron over-the-counter medicines in that siutation.

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