Arnicare & Calendula Highlighted on GMA Health

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Revised on January 23rd, 2023

Have you seen the latest segment of “Good Morning America Health”? Host Tanya Rivero talks with integrative physician Dr. Vincent Pedre about natural remedies for minor cuts and scrapes, insect bites, sunburn and other common summer ailments. To help with the itching and swelling caused by bug bites, Dr. Pedre recommends Calendula, either as a topical gel or as a cooled tea. When it comes to bruises and muscle pain, Dr. Pedre says, “If you want the bruise to go away quickly, you can use Arnica.” He recommends taking homeopathic Arnica oral pellets or applying an Arnica gel such as Boiron's Arnicare Gel to relieve a bruise or muscle pain. To view the entire segment, click here.

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I have seen similar information on web. That also backs up the Boiron product for bruises.

_____________________Arnica Gel for Bruises

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